The Designer

Rebecca Björnsdotter is a Swedish designer of women’s footwear. When she turned one, her mother presented her with a pair of Italian red patent shoes. It was love at first sight, she even wore them to bed. 

The passion for shoes grew into a full-blown obsession while studying fashion in high school. Wanting to know more about the craft that makes the shoe design come true, she sought out advice from a Stockholm cobbler. With the aid of it, she started to deconstruct and reconstruct shoes, initially to match the historical costumes she was working on at the time.

Inspired by the fertile wilderness of the Scandinavian landscape, founder and creative director Rebecca Björnsdotter honors femininity and strength, citing Norse mythology and folklore as a starting point for every collection. Drawing on a family tradition for craftsmanship, later honed at London’s distinguished Cordwainers school, Rebecca’s shoes are uncompromisingly Made in Italy and feature signature metal hardware and block elevations.

Rebecca’s surname literary translates into “Bear’s daughter” which also epitomizes her brand. Every collection, shoe and tiny detail is carefully thought out to inspire women, making them feel empowered and strong.

The Beginning

Rebecca Björnsdotter was rapidly listed as an Emerging Star by Footwear News in New York. She received the emerging designer award Guldknappen – Knappnålen – from Damernas Värld, one of Sweden’s largest fashion magazines. She was also recognized as the Swedish Fashion Councils “Fashion Talent, Accessory Award”.

Lady Gaga, Josephine Skriver, Caroline Vreeland, Icona Pop, Sweden’s royalties and other celebrities quickly picked up on the beautiful shoes. They have been worn both privately and to work the red carpet.

The Brand

Three core pillars epitomise Rebecca Björnsdotter. 


Quiet Strength

Encapsulates Rebecca´s personality and approach towards life, characterised by considerable determination, integrity and self-reliance. Speaking to an independent, direct and modern woman, Rebecca Björnsdotter believes in slowing down, and making time for quiet reflection. This plays out aesthetically in the geometric, Viking-inspired brand hardware, bold stack heel shapes and the delicate use of pewter braid detailing. Feminine, yet powerful, it is a juxtaposition of softness and resilience, gentleness and grit.

Mother Nature

Reflects how the world is a significant source of inspiration, contentment and peace with its strong links between femininity, wilderness, fertility and, of course, motherhood. As an important element of Viking culture as well, the references are reflected in Rebecca Björnsdotter’s leaf motif on the Louise heel, with the acetate inner reflecting how light passes through a leaf. It can also be seen in the choice in nomenclature with goddess names and flora colours. Rebecca Björnsdotter spends as much time as possible by the sea or in the countryside or forest, accompanied by her border collie.

Good Things Take Time

Captures Rebecca Björndotter’s unwavering commitment toward craftsmanship and quality – the products are uncompromisingly made in Italy. This pillar also depicts the brands’ initial steps in addressing issues of sustainability and product lifespan. Shining a spotlight on all that is handmade and steeped in heritage lifts the art that generations have created. And that some things are worth the wait, maturing and growing along the way.