Brand Pillars

We believe a strong foundation is the key, in both life and business. With a rock-solid foundation, you’ll always get back up, even when the tough gets going. That’s why we create our brand pillars; Quiet Strength, Mother Nature & Good Things Take Time.

Quiet Strength

Quiet strength is an approach towards life. It’s characterized by considerable determination, integrity, and self- reliance. It’s about respecting and understanding the value in slowing down, especially in these hectic times we live in. Realizing the value in slowing down and making time for quiet reflection is in itself, a sign of strength. Take care of yourself like someone you love, never forget that.

Feminine, yet powerful, quiet strength is a juxtaposition of softness and resilience, gentleness, and grit.

Mother Nature

The world is a significant source of inspiration, contentment, and peace with its strong links between femininity, wilderness, fertility and, of course, motherhood. In Sweden we are blessed with beautiful fields and harrowing forests. In Norse mythology nature was often referred to as mysterious and powerful. You can see the inspiration all throughout Rebecca’s collection. There is no better way to reset and recharge than going to nature. Sit by the sea, visit the countryside, or get lost in the mighty forest.

Good Things Take Time

When you smell a scent, a perfume that reminds you of a dear friends embrace. That scent has been created to evoke your senses and gone through elaborate development and is a skilled craft. You can’t rush that. We live in a time of speed, but the nature of business and life is more organic. Rebecca Björnsdotter has unwavering commitment toward craftsmanship and quality. That’s why our products are uncompromisingly handmade in Italy. This also depicts the brands initial steps in addressing issues of sustainability and product lifespan. Shining a spotlight on all that is handmade and steeped in heritage, we want to lift the art that generations have created.

Some things are worth the wait.