Dubai expo 2020: The Swedish impact store

Rebecca Björnsdotter has been selected as one of Sweden’s sustainable brands and will participate in the Swedish Impact Store by TransparAll.

As a brand, we are ever evolving and learning. As the planet orbits in its axis, it’s important we keep moving to. The pandemic gave us time to slow down and really look at how we live and consume. It brought the complex issues of sustainability and caring for our planet to the forefront. As productions came to a standstill and heavy fog cleared over the cities, it was clearer than ever, that this is not something to be ignored.

At Rebecca Björnsdotter, to find areas of improvement we must be willing to take an honest look at ourselves. Only once we see the reality for what it is, can we start working to minimize our impact.

We are so honoured to get the opportunity to be part of the Swedish Impact Store by TransparAll at the Dubai Expo 2020. Brands working and collaborating is a key aspect of improvement. Alone we can make small changes, but together we can make an impact.

TransparAll is a retail concept created for the era of responsible consumption that keeps sustainability at its core. All products have calculated their carbon footprint and when you check out and pay, you can select a project to give back to. Incentives such as TransparAll are key to support the consumers of today and the future to make better choices and to pressure brands to improve.

We know this is only a first step on a long journey of learning, understanding, and improving and we are excited for the possibilities of the future.

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