Our mission & Goal

Our mission is to encourage customers to consume less, invest in well made products with a longer life-span through design that last over seasons, quality products and to cut out unnecessary materials. Our goal is to design products in the most responsible way to achieve the highest possible quality to assure a long life-span for the products. We advice our customers to look at our size guide when ordering to avoid unnecessary returns / shipments for the environment, look after their products with appropriate care instructions and when needed repair to extend the usage of the products.


We realize the importance of sharing the story of craftsmanship and the choice to produce in Italy. We love the trade and to create hand-made shoes. The attention to details, the luxurious quality and tradition are some of the reasons why Italian hand-made shoes are a better option. Our products are at a higher price level and that is an active choice. 

We are all aware the environment is suffering and we all have to take action and consume less and above all, invest in quality. A pair of hand-made shoes still wear down and when they get into your hands you need to give them some love from time to time. 

It is important to take care of the full supply chain and we have started to oversee our climate footprint and what we can to do change our production for a more sustainable future. This is not a small task, but we have to start. We will constantly seek new materials and production solutions that has a lower impact on the climate. By joining forces we can change and put more pressure on the suppliers from an environmental point of view as well as social working conditions for the factory workers to use appropriate safety equipment.


Our shipment is handed by a third party and we always choose the most sustainable option for our shipments. For our European goods we use road transportation from the factory to warehouse and retailers. All online order shipments are climate compensated, this is a small step to help mother nature but it´s far from the only solution, we must all cut our environment footprint. 

The increase of our online export sales affects the number of air freighted deliveries for outgoing goods. Our free of charge standard shipment is always sent by road transport. With the increased uptake of online shopping, packaging waste is set to grow. We advice customers to recycle all packaging.   

Products & Materials

Optimising purchase precision is of interest not only for the sake of the environment but also from a business perspective. Producing no more than is strictly necessary is a challenging task, some styles are produced as a limited edition pre-order option and we consider carry-overs for our signature styles. They stay in stock for several seasons and never go on sale.

Our goal for 2030 is to only use sustainable and recyclable materials for all of our products. To achieve traceability and transparency throughout our supply-chain focusing on both environmental and social responsibility.  

This is a big challenge that is currently very hard to reach due to the complex and non-transparent set-up in the fashion industry. That is why we aim to achieve this goal step by step together with our suppliers and in collaboration with other brands and within industry initiatives.