Our mission & Goal

Quality over quantity. Our hope is to encourage customers to invest in well made products with a longer lifespan. An item designed and produced, to be worn and loved for a long time. We don’t believe in seasons and don’t adhere to the fashion industries hectic schedule. Our designs will be your wardrobe staples for years to come. Let’s slow fashion down.


Citing nature as a constant inspiration we would be foolish not to consider the impacts production has on our planet and environment. Sustainability is a tough subject, but it’s also something that forces us to reframe how we do things. Pushes us to think and inspires in a new way. We don’t want to give you a list of fluffy promises to do better in the future. We want to be honest.

We, together with you, are learning along this journey, how to better take care of our planet. Shoes are complex things. They consist of many different parts. This makes recycling them a challenging task. That is why at RB we want to make shoes that last. That respect craftsmanship and quality of materials. Something being hard and challenging, does not put us of the quest. Sustainability is an ongoing process of learning, sourcing and new ideas and innovation. Sustainability is a multifaceted challenge and every little change towards better counts.


Our shipment is handed by a third party and we always choose the most sustainable option for our shipments. For our European goods we use road transportation from the factory to warehouse and retailers.  

The increase of our online export sales affects the number of air freighted deliveries for outgoing goods. Our free of charge standard shipment is always sent by road transport within the EU. With the increased uptake of online shopping, packaging waste is set to grow. We advice customers to recycle all packaging.